NE40E Series

Huawei NE40E series are high-end Ethernet network products that are developed based on the VRP routing platform and focus on the access, aggregation, and transmission of metro Ethernet services.

Huawei NE40E Series Router includes NE40E-X16A,NE40E-X16,NE40E-X8A,NE40E-X8,NE40E-X3A,NE40E-X3,NE40E-M2K-B,NE40E-M2K,NE40E-M2H,NE40E-F1A-14H24Q.

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Huawei NE40E-X3 Router
  • Full Set of Accessories
  • Firmware & Software Testing
  • License Available
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Huawei CR5D0L2XFE75 Flexible Card
  • Board Functional Testing
  • Hardware Compatibility Testing
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